Telus World of Science in Edmonton

و این هم کمی در وصف رصدخانه‌ی بغل گوش ما در Edmonton


Check out our newest 16 inch telescope: Meade LX200GPS

Our new telescope, the Meade 16″ LX200 telescope was made possible by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Edmonton Centre). Like the 7″ Astro Physics Refractor in the Observatory, this telescope is on loan to the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton to be used at the Observatory for public observing.

This new 16″ telescope can be controlled by an external computer running a Satellite Tracking software as well as major astronomy programs, like Starry Night Pro. Our Be a Star program recipients will be able to see their stars with a push of a button…


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  1. خوش به حالت كه يه رصد خونه نزديك خونتونه. :( واقعا حسوديم شد. خفن

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