Learning as you go!

When it comes to the IT side of my job, there is a ton of things I still do not know. I have to learn all of them by dealing with the problems I encounter through the course of my work.

Today I was taking care of our Backup system. It was a mixture of Virtual Machines, and Ethernet Networks. Almost two weeks ago, the program which is in charge of taking back up images failed. When I looked at the error log, I noticed the External hard drive connected to the server must be full. As a quick solution, I deleted some of the older files on this server, hoping that this is going to solve the problem. Surprisingly, it didn’t!

Today, I replaced the external hard drive with a new one which was completely empty, the back up process still failed. The reason was that the program could not see the external hard drive. It took hours of investigation for me to realize that I need to share that external hard drive to make it visible through the network.

I am still wondering what caused that external hard drive to get un-shared in the first place? Maybe that happened because the hard drive went completely full? Maybe when I replace the hard drive I need to re-share it? I am not that positive about the latter, as I have a procedure for replacing the hard drives and the procedure does not mention anything about re-sharing the external hard drive.

Anyhow, The problem is solved! I’m happy … but sooooooo tired …

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