Canadian Citizenship Application Process

Among all the application processes I have gone through in Canada, I find the citizenship application the most ridiculously long one. I submitted my application mid-March 2013; since then, all I could do is waiting. The security check of the application was finished and the case was received by the local office in November 2013. Since then, I have been in the lineup for citizenship test.; a lineup that has lasted more than a year so far. It’s a bit frustrating. Especially considering that I need to apply for a US visa for each entry to the states.

On the other hand, I have applied for another US visa a couple months ago. I have been waiting for the administrative processing portion of that application to finish for more than 60 days now. I have received eleven US visas so far and none of them took longer than a month. I am not sure what’s going on this time. I had a trip planned to the states which I had to cancel. I had to pay around $400 penalty on that cancellation. Now I have another trip booked for the end of December. I am not looking forward to donating more money to the AC charity! In case you are wondering why my hair is turning white.

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