21 days of “What I’m grateful for” Marathon

As of today, I have decided to focus on training my brain to scan for positive in life rather than negative. This decision is mainly an outcome to reading “Happiness Advantage”, written by Shawn Achor, and watching his impressive Ted Talk.

For 21 consecutive nights, I would like to scan my past 24 hours, and write about two new things that I am grateful about, during those 24 hours.

So for today:

1- I’m grateful for my interaction and contribution during our Communication meeting. I asked meaningful questions, and provided constructive comments.
2- I’m grateful for the tone of the voice of the receptionist at my family Dr’s office. For the fact that she recognized me and that brought a smile to her face. Recognizing me made her tone of voice happier and nicer, as compared to how grumpy she usually is. I’m thankful for the fact that I am associated with happiness in her mind.
3- I’m happy about delivering a presentation that was assigned to me today, successfully.
4- I love the bus ride home, sitting next to one of my best friends, Daniell; I love the conversations we make on the way back home, no matter how short and simple they are.
5- I’m glad that my roommate’s vehicle didn’t get ticketed, even though she had parked in street cleaning zone.
6- I’m happy that my mum started her English class, and she likes it.

Nighty Nighty.

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