2nd day of the marathon

Today’s appreciation goes for:

1- The beautiful morning sky. Seeing the glare of Venus and Jupiter next to the faint Mars brought a big smile to my face.

2- I am also grateful for the nice October weather, so far. It’s been significantly warm, and there is no snow on the ground yet. Life is just beautiful!

3- I am thankful for the awesome coworkers that I have; Supportive and encouraging. I asked a bunch of them to fill up third-party feedback forms on me. All of them kindly accepted to do so.

4- I am very lucky to live in a point of human’s life that technology has advanced this much. You can use internet to learn almost anything. I have made a habit of spending one of my coffee breaks each day on reading and learning something scientific. The nerd inside me is pretty happy these days.

5- I am grateful for his smile and happiness. For the simplicity of bringing a big smile to his face

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