3rd day of marathon

So I slipped and totally forgot about journaling last night; So, today, I will be covering all the positive points of this weekend here.

1- I’m glad I got to have a good chat with my parents on Skype.

2- I’m grateful for having smart friends around me. Friends who think and question, and keep having awesome political debates with me. Now if they were supporting the right party, I would be even more grateful!!! 😛

3- I’m grateful that I managed getting back on the habit of going to the gym after being away from it for almost 3 months.

4- I am thankful for the soreness I feel in my muscles. It means I got a very good workout yesterday!

5- I’m grateful to live in Canada, the beautiful country of Maple Leafs.

6- I’m happy that Denver Bronco won their game today, despite the number of mistakes they made.

7- I loved watching “Big Hero 6” with Jamie on Skype. The movie was great on its own; but watching it with Jamie and feeling his presence made it even greater.

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