4th, 5th, and 6th day of Marathon

Confession … I forgot to do this again on the 4th night.

Last night, I remembered I need to journal when I was in bed; so I decided to write it down on just a piece of paper and make the post here today.

To sum up the positive points about the past three days:

1- I finally received my Canadian passport. Woohoo … I’ve been waiting for this moment for almost three years now. This is going to have a huge impact on my personal life. So thankful for that.

2- I’m happy I’m finally able to get rid of some of the extra stuff I had stored in my closet. I feel so light after getting rid of a bunch of Halloween decorations that I wouldn’t use. It feels even better that I could sell them and make some extra cash to spend on Timmy’s!

3- I am grateful for the beautiful night sky I see each morning when I am heading to the bus stop. Today, it was conjunction of Jupiter and Venus (I believe). Such a beauty.

4- I don’t mean to pat myself on the shoulder; but I’m really thankful for the intuition that I have. Helps me with finding ways to solve problems, which are creative. Helps me look outside of the box, and come up with different ways of dealing with issues. Also, it’s helpful to predict some humans’ behaviours, and prepare for them!

5- I’m glad that Highway 63, the highway that connects Fort McMurray to the nearest metropolitan (Edmonton), is almost 100% twin now. This highway is known as the highway of death. too many head to head collisions have happened on this highway, and that has taken away people’s lives. This is an amazing news for this community.

6- I like the team I’m working with. I’m grateful for having such friendly and helpful team.

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