8th and 9th

1- My beautiful friends are what I am grateful the most this two nights. I spent an awesome time with my lovely friends at Cora’s this morning for breakfast. Not everybody is up for being at Cora’s for 8:00 am on a Saturday morning. It was an awesome breakfast with lovely company. I also had a ton of fun watching movies with Dani. She treated me like a baby, fed me dinner, made me hot chocolate, and made me feel so comfortable I felt asleep watching Suits!

2- I’m glad I have a very good roommate. She is nice, polite, clean, and quiet. It’s very hard to find good roommate these days. I’m happy to have one who is willing to take the garbage out, broom the kitchen once in a while, and help me with shoveling snow! At the same time, it’s nice to come home and talk to her. Beautiful.

3- I’m thankful to technology, specifically telecommunication technology, which has made it so much easy for me to keep in touch with my loved ones. I Facetime Jamie multiple times a day; this makes it feel almost like we are together most of the time. I also Skype with my parents and fill them in with almost anything that has happened in my life. I’m lucky to be born in a century of rapid technology enhancement.

7th day of the Marathon

Today was an amazing day. The highlight of the day is our spontaneous decision to book a trip to Vegas for Halloween weekend. I’m very excited to finally get the chance of seeing Vegas, for the first time in my life.

I’m also grateful for having such awesome coworkers around me. They are always my go-to when I’m stuck solving a problem at work. Discussing the matter with them helps me understand the problem itself in more depth, and come up with solutions for it.

Cliche … but I’m so thankful for having such awesome “Love” in my life. He is all I could have asked for, with some minor imperfections, of course! We were extremely lucky that we found each other <3

Nighty Nighty

4th, 5th, and 6th day of Marathon

Confession … I forgot to do this again on the 4th night.

Last night, I remembered I need to journal when I was in bed; so I decided to write it down on just a piece of paper and make the post here today.

To sum up the positive points about the past three days:

1- I finally received my Canadian passport. Woohoo … I’ve been waiting for this moment for almost three years now. This is going to have a huge impact on my personal life. So thankful for that.

2- I’m happy I’m finally able to get rid of some of the extra stuff I had stored in my closet. I feel so light after getting rid of a bunch of Halloween decorations that I wouldn’t use. It feels even better that I could sell them and make some extra cash to spend on Timmy’s!

3- I am grateful for the beautiful night sky I see each morning when I am heading to the bus stop. Today, it was conjunction of Jupiter and Venus (I believe). Such a beauty.

4- I don’t mean to pat myself on the shoulder; but I’m really thankful for the intuition that I have. Helps me with finding ways to solve problems, which are creative. Helps me look outside of the box, and come up with different ways of dealing with issues. Also, it’s helpful to predict some humans’ behaviours, and prepare for them!

5- I’m glad that Highway 63, the highway that connects Fort McMurray to the nearest metropolitan (Edmonton), is almost 100% twin now. This highway is known as the highway of death. too many head to head collisions have happened on this highway, and that has taken away people’s lives. This is an amazing news for this community.

6- I like the team I’m working with. I’m grateful for having such friendly and helpful team.

3rd day of marathon

So I slipped and totally forgot about journaling last night; So, today, I will be covering all the positive points of this weekend here.

1- I’m glad I got to have a good chat with my parents on Skype.

2- I’m grateful for having smart friends around me. Friends who think and question, and keep having awesome political debates with me. Now if they were supporting the right party, I would be even more grateful!!! 😛

3- I’m grateful that I managed getting back on the habit of going to the gym after being away from it for almost 3 months.

4- I am thankful for the soreness I feel in my muscles. It means I got a very good workout yesterday!

5- I’m grateful to live in Canada, the beautiful country of Maple Leafs.

6- I’m happy that Denver Bronco won their game today, despite the number of mistakes they made.

7- I loved watching “Big Hero 6” with Jamie on Skype. The movie was great on its own; but watching it with Jamie and feeling his presence made it even greater.

2nd day of the marathon

Today’s appreciation goes for:

1- The beautiful morning sky. Seeing the glare of Venus and Jupiter next to the faint Mars brought a big smile to my face.

2- I am also grateful for the nice October weather, so far. It’s been significantly warm, and there is no snow on the ground yet. Life is just beautiful!

3- I am thankful for the awesome coworkers that I have; Supportive and encouraging. I asked a bunch of them to fill up third-party feedback forms on me. All of them kindly accepted to do so.

4- I am very lucky to live in a point of human’s life that technology has advanced this much. You can use internet to learn almost anything. I have made a habit of spending one of my coffee breaks each day on reading and learning something scientific. The nerd inside me is pretty happy these days.

5- I am grateful for his smile and happiness. For the simplicity of bringing a big smile to his face

21 days of “What I’m grateful for” Marathon

As of today, I have decided to focus on training my brain to scan for positive in life rather than negative. This decision is mainly an outcome to reading “Happiness Advantage”, written by Shawn Achor, and watching his impressive Ted Talk.

For 21 consecutive nights, I would like to scan my past 24 hours, and write about two new things that I am grateful about, during those 24 hours.

So for today:

1- I’m grateful for my interaction and contribution during our Communication meeting. I asked meaningful questions, and provided constructive comments.
2- I’m grateful for the tone of the voice of the receptionist at my family Dr’s office. For the fact that she recognized me and that brought a smile to her face. Recognizing me made her tone of voice happier and nicer, as compared to how grumpy she usually is. I’m thankful for the fact that I am associated with happiness in her mind.
3- I’m happy about delivering a presentation that was assigned to me today, successfully.
4- I love the bus ride home, sitting next to one of my best friends, Daniell; I love the conversations we make on the way back home, no matter how short and simple they are.
5- I’m glad that my roommate’s vehicle didn’t get ticketed, even though she had parked in street cleaning zone.
6- I’m happy that my mum started her English class, and she likes it.

Nighty Nighty.